Our Mission

To create a fun role playing environment for adults who are serious about role playing. Not just that, but to also have a community that get’s along well with each other and even makes friends!

MotoX Event

Extraordinary Experiences

  • We are a South African Role Playing community and have been in existence for almost 3 years now
  • This is Unity RP ZA 2.0 which has evolved a lot, compared to our first Unity server. 
  • We are fully South African Themed. 
  • We are very big on the car scene. Racing, drag racing, drifting, etc. 
  • We currently have over 30 different jobs (split up into 4 categories: “job center jobs”, “non job center jobs / side jobs”, “whitelist jobs”, “illegal jobs”) 
  • We have a few different dealership shops and mech shops, each with it’s own Owner and crew and each with it’s own unique branding. 
  • We have loads of custom clothing and vehicles and content. 
  • We have SAPS, JMPD, ER24, etc..
  • Realistic economy, this is not the type of server where you get everything within 2 weeks and then there’s not much left to accomplish and you end up bored. 
  • Our community is really awesome, we have the most friendly  and supportive community!

Our Official Trailer